Ownership OR Stewardship

27 February 2011

I learn more lessons from the horses than they will  ever learn from me. We had the dreaded colic hit last week( August 16, 2010) on a cute mare by our deceased CC Jet Smooth. We do all that we can as far as health and nutrition to prevent colic hitting but as we were reminded we are not God and do not have control over every thing that happens……….(this blog was started last August and never finished. I came across the draft and decided it was too good to not finish.  It’s several months later…time does fly by)…..Go Girl, as we call this cute little mare, survived a bad case of colic. Not only did she survive but the unexpected blessing of a baby is still growing inside her.  (HLC Sak Em Sugar found himself happily joined with the band of riding horses after he got a gate or two open while we were gone.)  I remember the day that Go Girl came down with the colic. She came in from the pasture in bad shape and I could not get her to stay on her feet and by the time we went to load her on the trailer to take her to the vet, I could not get her up. It’s heart wrenching for me to watch a horse be in that much pain.  I prayed often and out loud while trying to walk her. I reminded the Lord that she belonged to Him. I asked Him to spare her life but reminded myself , out loud, that I was just her care taker. Not her owner.  Mike and I agreed that we did not want to risk the expensive colic surgery especially in the shape she was in.  That was a tough decision!! We are used to doing everything within our means to help our horses or cattle. Our awesome vet, Dr. Moorehead, called that night and it did not sound good.  By morning, he called with some hope.  He said,  “I can’t believe that she made it through the night. I went to put her down twice but I just couldn’t do it.  She is still alive and I did an ultrasound.  We can do a simpler surgery and cheaper surgery that I think may work.” The mare had some intestinal complication in the spleen area.   Go Girl is thriving and the baby in her survived as well!!    It was a great lesson for me personally in being reminded that I do not own these horses. They are God’s creation for His glory and purposes. Then, He lets us enjoy them and have the privilege of caring for them. It makes my load much lighter and my job easier when  I realize I am not the boss!!

. I take my orders from the Almighty and leave the details to Him. ……what relief…..what glory……. what amazing surprises can come!!  I  recently caught Go Girl in the pasture to deworm her. She seemed kind of tired and droopy. I remember thinking that I hoped she was feeling okay. So I prayed again out loud and reminded Go Girl that her life was spared for God’s purpose and glory. To go and be blessed.  She turned away, tail in the air and head up high loping as fast as an expectant mother can.  Trust Him all the way. You won’t be disappointed in the end. Still standing amazed….. Tee Jay

Sanwood Miss- The end of an Amazing Mare

30 January 2011
Jessica Lyle on HLC Smooth Fancy at the CNFR 2002 & 2003 CRMR Horse of the Year

Jessica Lyle on HLC Smooth Fancy at the CNFR 2002 & 2003 CRMR Horse of the Year

Today, was the day that we chose to put down Sanwood Miss. It was sad but she had lived a good life here and she has definitely left her mark.  She was a mare that has played a big role in our program for over 20 years.   Sak Em San was her sire and Flamewood Miss her dam. Sanwood Miss came to the ranch in 1985 as a yearling from the Stanley Johnson program.  I have lived on the ranch for 21 years and she was here before I.  It’s funny how you just get used to the things that you think will always be here. 

 Her  colts were always athletic, cowy, versatile with enough fire to make them awesome competitors.  The two that come to my mind are HLC Smooth Heartache a gelding that my brother Chad Miller hauled to PRCA rodeos in the calf roping and HLC Smooth Fancy a mare that won Horse of the Year in the Cental Rocky Mountain Region for two years in a row.  HLC Sak Em Sanwood is a red dun stallion that was raised here on the ranch. He is now a reference sire here at Dry Box Performance Horses.  So the influence of her life still lives on here.   We are thankful for the horses that God blesses us with and we realize that they are His to give and His to take.  Enjoy the ones God has given you because they do not live forever………Grateful for the blessings we have, Tee Jay      

Chad Miller on HLC Smooth Heartache by CC Jet Smooth and Sanwood Miss.

Chad Miller on HLC Smooth Heartache by CC Jet Smooth and Sanwood Miss. Competing at Cheyenne Frontier Days

2010 Dry Box Stud colt- Dam "Missy" pictured is by Sanwood Miss.

New Years in Arizona-Barrel Racing & Team Roping

18 January 2011

We are well into the year 2011. How did you start your New Year? We started ours  in warm and sunny Arizona at my parents new home in Arizona.  Okay, it wasn’t so warm for a few days of our stay but for the most part it was sunny and for this time of the year that is a treat for us Nebraska folks.  Mike and Logan got to team rope about every day.  AND they only had to do down the road about 10 minutes. Unheard of for us people in the sticks! Logan was too young to enter a team roping and he is male!!  You have to be female or over 40 to enter most of the team ropings around Buckeye.   Yes, Mike fits the over 40 so he got to heal on HLC Smooth Showtime. He really enjoyed himself and won some money too!

Erica and I entered a 3 run NBHA Barrel Race on New Year’s weekend. Yes, Erica pulled the weight for the trip. Her and Lil, oh and HLC Freckles Rosin too, won about $1,500 in 3 days.  Not bad wages for a 12 year old. It was fun for her to run against Sheri Cervi and others she had watched on TV.  A great learning experience.  More than that we had a ton of fun. The first night we ran about 10:00pm and we about froze. My Dad said to Mom, “Oh we have to move farther south. The cold weather caused something to freeze and break. ” We laughed; it’s amazing how you can’t handle much cold when it stays so warm.  When it gets cold they go to extremes. Our kids thought it was great that they lit a fire in the trash can at the barrel race.

We are now back in winter country and ride when we can.   We are looking forward to entering some barrel racing and team roping during the Stock Show in Rapid City.  Maybe we will see you there. May you be blessed to spend more time riding and less time with worries of this world in 2011………Tee Jay

Christmas is almost here!

20 December 2010

2010 Henderson Christmas PictureWe are excited to celebrate Christmas with our families.  Life just seems to be full and it’s great to spend that time with the ones we love.  We were able to celebrate Christmas with those who work here a week ago and that was a blessed time.  We will spend Christmas here and then travel to see my parents AND take  5 horses with us to the warm country.  A little warm sunshine is going to feel wonderful.  I hope that your  Christmas is blessed with peace and hope and love found in our Savior, Jesus Christ,  no matter what your circumstances look like. I am attaching a fun picture of my family and I that we took the day that we picked Logan up from the airport after being in Oklahoma for 2 weeks.  May your Christmas be Merry and Bright and may it include horses too :)..………….Tee Jay Henderson

Horses by Private Treaty

18 December 2010

We want you all to know that it was an interesting journey doing the Online Auction.  We may do it again in the future and we may not but we were tickled to see so many of you had been on our site looking around.  There was some activity on the Online Auction but we chose to not let any of the horses go.  There were certain prices that we had on each horse based on what we have invested in them and what we believe they are worth.  It was probably a difficult time for some to comment finances for a horse right before Christmas.  The horses listed under the Private Treaty are still available as well as the others that were on the online auction…….Mike and Tee Jay Henderson

A pleasant Encounter about a Dry Box Horse

17 November 2010

I had a pleasant encounter at the WPRA Finals with a nice lady who came up and introduced herself to me.  The lady told me about her Dry Box mare that she runs and enjoys so much.  We had not met Mandy as her father-in-law is the one who comes to our sales to buy the young horses and then later passes them on to Mandy and her husband Jay.  I was tickled to meet Mandy Tiechert and hear about how her mare was doing.  Mandy has been to the Mountain States Circuit Finals twice because of this mare.  They call her “Risky.” Her sire is the late Dry Box sire, Freckles Gigolo by Colonel Freckles and her dam is an appendix mare that we used to have named Risky Grounds.  Mandy told me of her successful summer on her but that she recently had a bone chip removed. We wish them a great recovery. It’s so awesome to have such nice people riding and representing our horses.  Here is Mandy’s letter about the mare and a picture of them at the 2009 Mountain States Circuit Finals:  
Risky has been an outstanding horse with a huge heart. She has made
the short go at Greeley, and placed at Laughlin, as well as many
Mountain States circuit rodeos. She gives all she has every run. She
made the circuit finals the first year she went to prorodeos and was
an integral part of my making them again this year. Thank you for the
opportunity to have such a great horse. My husband and my father in
law also ride Henderson horses, and we will continue to do so. They
are outstanding athletes with big hearts and sane minds.

Mandy Teichert

Where does time go??

14 November 2010

I ask myself that question when I realize that it’s been a while since I did a blog. I enjoy writing and sharing what goes on in our lives but time does just fly by. As I stop and ponder what we have been spending our “time” doing and realize that I am thankful for all that we get to do with our children, horses, cattle and just time together as a family.  That does include lots of road trips with time to talk and ponder life and ponder  who we are in Jesus Christ who gives us all these blessings.  I realize that I do not want to get in the rut of considering all these blessings a burden. If I am and that is my focus then my focus has been misdirected. So on this Sunday as we worship and rest I wonder what I have been believing about myself and my life that just isn’t true. God’s word says you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.  I also do not want this world to squeeze me into a mold as it says in Romans 12. That is stuffy, heavy and a crowded place to be.  I prefer the place in my heart where the Spirit of the Lord resides for where “the Spirit of the Lord is there is  freedom” ……..exciting news to come this week about our horses…….till then Tee Jay Henderson

A Frenchman Guy filly and a girl

25 October 2010

It has been so fun to watch our daughter Erica with her 2 year old Frenchman Guy filly. This filly is by a daughter of Royal Quick Dash that we feel blessed to have in our herd. Erica can’t wait on some days to get her school done so that she can go ride “Star.”  There have been no hickups so far with this duo. They seem to be going full steam ahead and it will be fun to see where they go together. I know that Erica is enjoying the process and enjoys just looking at her when she’s tied in the barn.  Star has the cute Frenchman Guy’s head, a long hip, a well balanced body and she rides off nice every time.  (I will try to get pics of the two of them to post.) Have a blessed week and I pray that you get to enjoy the “Stars” in your life this week………..Tee Jay Henderson

Retreating with the Lord

9 October 2010

I got back last Sunday from a glorious retreat with my Jesus.  To top it off, my friend whom I had not seen for several years, Ralene Konzac, went with me. (Ralene trained the black mare, Lil, that Erica runs now.)  The retreat was in Buena Vista, CO in the mountains at the Young Life camp called Frontier Ranch.  I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to go again.  The Eldridges, from the Ransomed Heart Ministries,  are so gifted in directing people back to the heart that God created within them.  Staci had us dig deep and ask God questions about who we are to Him, what wounds and lies are we still letting affect our lives, do we know as women that we are created for Romance, Beauty and Adventure, are we living from that or a resigned place in our heart that it will never change and what dreams did God put in our hearts that were meant to be lived out?? Whew! Yes, it seems like a lot but oh the sweetness of walking to the depths of our soul with Jesus and letting Him dictate to us what we were created to be in His eyes.  Whole different perspective than what the world, our flesh or the enemy says about us.  I came home refreshed, encouraged, ready to fight for the hearts of my family(because we are in an intense spiritual battle every day.) and ready to live from my heart with a deeper renewed mind.  I am headed out to ride………you be blessed……….and may you get to live out of some of your hearts desires this weekend….Your God and creator put them there for a purpose……..Grateful, Tee Jay Henderson

Wayde Hamar Memorial LBR Rodeo

27 September 2010

Yuma, Colorado was the setting this past weekend for the Wayde Hamar Memorial Rodeo.  It was an awesome weekend to celebrate this young person’s life. Wayde was killed in a bull riding accident in 2008.  His family,  Dad- Mitch, Mom -Angie and brother- Zack with some other loving people, stepped up to remember Wayde’s life in a really cool way.  The spirit of fellowship, worship of our Lord, and support of those who’s hearts are hurting was great to a part of. We are so glad that we made the trip.  I know that this family still very much misses their son and brother. It takes courage and strength to step up and put on such a great event in Wayde’s memory.  It was fun to be a part of raising money to keep remembering Wayde and to  look forward to going back again next year, the Lord willing.

Erica won this beautiful buckle in memory of Wayde for the Jr. Girls’ All Around.  Erica did very well in several events  and was so excited to win this special buckle.  If  you follow the blog you might like to know that Erica ran, Lil the little black horse, in the barrels for the first time in over a year. They were 2nd both days!!! Praise the Lord for sparing Lil’s life. Logan Henderson had a great weekend as well.   He loves the spirit of comradery at the Colorado rodeos and the fellowship with other Christians his  age.  Logan roped great on his CC Jet Smooth horse that we just bought back. What a fun weekend and a privilege  to be part of an awesome event in this great country that we live in.   So, I encourage you to load up your horse, meet some new people, worship God in new places and ways and keep riding toward the desires God has given you……………………Tee Jay

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