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23 September 2015

Nell’energia rialzi per Enel (+3,Borse Michael Kors Orologi Borsa Bags,21%), Eni (+3,03%) Enel Green Power (+2,31%), Saipem (+2,6%) e Snam (+1,89%) con Tenaris a +4,41%. Seduta positiva infine anche per il lusso con Tod’s a +3,73%, Luxottica +3,64% e Ferragamo a +3,3%. Sul mercato dei cambi avanza anche l’euro, che chiude sopra quota 1,28 dollari, sempre sulle aspettative di un esito positivo dell’Eurogruppo di domani.

Pattern of road traffic injuries in Ghana: Implications for control. A. (2010). Mentre al netto dei soli beni energetici, il tasso di crescita tendenziale scende al 2,1% (era +2,2% nel mese precedente). Se un effetto di rallentamento arriva dalla flessione congiunturale dei prezzi dei beni energetici non regolamentati ( 1,6%), per contro una spinta viene dall’aumento su base mensile dei prezzi dei beni energetici regolamentati (+1,7%) interamente spiegato dal rialzo del prezzo dell’energia elettrica (+4,7% su aprile). L’indice armonizzato dei prezzi al consumo per i paesi dell’Ue (Ipca) risulta invariato sul mese precedente e registra un aumento del 3,5% su base annua (era +3,7% ad aprile).

Ask Bookseller a QuestionItem Description: 2013. Paperback. Book Condition: New. Reprinted from 1902 edition. NO changes have been made to the original text. Each page is checked manually before printing. “Assolutamente! stata un’esperienza indimenticabile sul piano personale e anche per la mia carriera. Non solo mi ha dato nuove conoscenze, che nell’attuale era dell’informazione sono una risorsa scarsa e preziosa, ma mi ha permesso di sviluppare la capacità di far fronte a nuove situazioni. Raggiungere il successo in un altro Paese è un’esperienza unica di crescita”..

Sul fronte macroeconomico, la fiducia degli imprenditori francesi nettamente peggiorata in ottobre, sino a scendere ai minimi dall’estate del 2009. Performance che riflette, secondo quanto ha annunciato l’ufficio nazionale di statistica Insee, la flessione degli ordini detenuti in portafoglio e un elevato pessimismo sull’andamento dell’attivit dei propri settori. L’indicatore che misura l’andamento della fiducia cos scivolato a 85 punti, 5 in meno rispetto al livello registrato in settembre..

Ask Bookseller a QuestionItem Description: Thames Hudson Ltd,Borse Michael Kors Portafoglio Orologi Onlin, United Kingdom, 2014. Paperback. Book Condition: New. Deboli le banche. Tra le societ legate al prezzo del petrolio, Eni ha ceduto lo 0,74%, Enel lo 0,96%, Terna lo 0,48%, Snam lo 0,55% e Saipem lo 0,51%. In rialzo invece Tenaris,Borse Michael Kors Outlet Bags italia, pi 0,49%.

Milano. Chiusura in rialzo per le Borse europee, nonostante l’andamento contrastato di Wall Street. I principali indici del Vecchio Continente si attestano sui massimi del 2004, ed a piazza Affari sia il Mibtel che il Mib30, pur archiviando un rialzo di circa lo 0,3%, hanno aggiornato nuovi massimi dell’anno rispettivamente a 28.719 e 21.362.

Le due opere, gi messe in scena a Valencia, in Spagna, sono state presentate oggi dal drammaturgo Cesare Mazzonis insieme a Carlus Padrissa e Valentina Carrasco, rispettivamente regista e collaboratore regista della ‘Fura’. Ideati e preparati a bordo della nave che la compagnia spagnola usa come laboratorio teatrale, i due spettacoli fiorentini promettono di stupire a incantare il pubblico attraverso una particolare interpretazione delle due opere che fanno parte della tetralogia dell”Anello del Nibelungo’. Il tutto pur rimanendo fedeli allo spirito originario che Wagner vole dare alle sue opere..

Mille euro al mese di borsa di studio e rimborsi per le spese di viaggio. La Commissione organizza due volte l’anno dei tirocini della durata dai tre aicinque mesi per laureati che desiderino fare esperienza professionale di traduzione. Ciò non esclude coloro che nel quadro dell’apprendimento lungo tutto l’arco della vita hanno ottenuto di recente un diploma universitario e sono all’inizio della carriera professionale..

Borse Michael Kors Outlet Bags italia

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18 September 2015

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Fellow breeder enjoys Dry Box Horses

26 March 2015

'@[100002125767085:2048:Tee Jay-Mike Henderson], this is Showgirl, the filly that is a daughter to Showtime and Quatro. One of the gentlest and nicest riding mares we have. We could have sold her a jillion times, but I can't quite part with her. She will be in the broodmare band someday. Quatro is in good shape and is bred to Tee Baron Red this year.' Its always great  to hear from those who have bought our horses in the past.  To see someone else enjoy what God has blessed us with is the ultimate.  Weber Quarter horses sent us this picture, a mare that  they raised out of a Dry Box stallion and a Dry Box mare.  We appreciated the note and glad they are enjoying her.  Here is the note we so appreciated getting.  “Showgirl, the filly that is a daughter to Showtime and Quatro. One of the gentlest and nicest riding mares we have. We could have sold her a jillion times, but I can’t quite part with her. She will be in the broodmare band someday. Quatro is in good shape and is bred to Tee Baron Red this year.” Thank you for sharing with us Weber Quarter Horses.


Moving forward with Confidence in 2014

2 February 2014
Larry with Smooth

A throw back picture to about 30 years ago when Larry Henderson made a great decision and added CC Jet Smooth as a Stallion. He is still a solid part of our program.

We are already a month into 2014. Time does march on and things change.  I am thankful that one thing that has not changed around here is God, family, cattle and horses! They are all still a big part of our life on the ranch.  My Father in heaven never ceases to amaze me by His faithfulness, love and provision.  We have had some definite changes around here most of them really good. We have welcomed new help from Michigan and Louisiana. What a blessing they have been to us all here.

Last week, we welcomed Travis Sturdy back to the ranch for a week of focusing on the young horses.  Travis has been coming for many years now to help us out with the young horses. We have been working hard to cut down our horse numbers, which has not been easy to make those decisions, so that we can spend more time with each horse.  The goal is to treat them as individuals with individual talent and purposes instead of treating them as a herd where some tend to fall through the cracks. Travis’ time with us last week was very productive with the young ones making significant progress as most of them had already had time spent with them.  Yeah!!!! We feel blessed to have Travis come to share his gift with the  horses, to have a brother in Christ work with us and to share God stories, horse stories and family stories.  Aaron Marcantel of Louisiana joined us this year in the process, good to have him on board for this season.  It’s an awesome thing to watch these younger men work with the horses and grow in their faith at the same time.

Mike and I have been preparing a neat mare for the Nebraska Cattlemans Classic Sale held in Kearney the weekend of Feb. 15.  She is Colonel Freckles and Orphan Drift breeding.  Quiet, quiet, quiet…. this young mare is laid back and solid.  It’s been fun getting her ready. This will  be our first time to the classic, we look forward to the weekend of meeting new people and attending this event that the committee has been working hard to prepare for.

May your 2014 be blessed!! We look forward to the young horses we are going on with and the colts to be born. Lord willing, Mike and I plan to compete some this year. We have great help on the ranch which makes it much easier to leave home.  May  you have hopes and dreams that get new meaning and life this year…..hope it involves a horse.:))))   Livin in the moments blessings,  Tee Jay

Broodmares on a Wintery November Morning

10 November 2013

Mares 2013

I love posting things here…want to do it more often! This particular morning this past week was wintery looking got about 5 inches of snow. Went to check the mares and found  them in some snow covered, dried up rag weeds. Got to thinking as I was checking them what a journey we have been on the last few years here at the ranch. In the last 6 years we have added another place 30 miles from us with farm ground. No we had zero farming experience before this purchase! God knew we would need fewer horses to be able to keep up with the new venture so we felt led before we bought the Petra to start making our herd smaller, higher quality mares that had been ridden or proven. Proven is best but things don’t always go as planned.  We are trying to stay at about 6 mares.  Thankful that we have not had to sell any mares by sale barn. It’s all been private treaty. That sure makes it easier on our hearts. God is soo good to us!! He who calls you is faithful and He will also do it.

Soo….I am dying to tell you about the mares we have left. Two Frenchman Guy daughters-one is a mare we bought that I ran a couple years. She had won $20,000 at futurities. The other Frenchmans Guy daughter goes back to our old Colonel Freckles stud that we had for years, she is beautiful. There is a Royal Quick Dash daughter who is a sweetheart.  Erica’s young mare is by her and Frenchmans Guy- Lord willing you’ll be hearing more about this bay beauty!! Another mare is the black mare that Erica and I ran for years by Cash in Your Bux- yes she got turned out to pasture. Erica made short go in the poles at the Little Britches Finals on her two years in a row, so we’ll she how long she stays in the pasture.  Another mare is a Dash for Cash, Streakin La Jolla daughter bred this year to Flashlight. We made sure we kept some CC Jet Smooth daughters one of which is in the broodmares. She goes back to Maudies Joak on the bottom-I love her second colt born this year by HLC Sak Em Sugar. He’s cool!!

So there’s a quick overview of what we been up to in our breeding program the last 6 years. It’s a journey that we still on walking out! Hurry up Spring!! We have CC Jet Smooth semen left and plan to use some this spring.  Till next time when I sit still long enough to blog :)….Tee Jay Henderson



Shipping Day 2013

10 November 2013

Steer calvesSo many blessings to count….. this past Monday we rounded up, sorted and shipped the steer calves to their new homes.  A beautiful fall morning with lots of great help from Ogallala Livestock and also from our ranch help.  Thankful to get to ride my horse on such nice mornings while the sun is coming up.  We are thankful for a good, healthy calf crop. We are also thankful to have great people working alongside us on the ranch. Couldn’t do what we do without them.

I couldn’t help but think of our neighbors to the north. Some who lost much in the October blizzard, Atlas.  One never knows when you ranch what God may allow to come across your path.  It may be hail, blizzard, drought, flooding, fire or disease. Noticed I said God. There is no such thing as Mother Nature.  One may wonder why God would allow some of these things to happen.  We can not know all the things that our amazing Creator chooses to allow, such as the incredible loss in Job’s life,  but we know that He has our best interest in mind and He is a God of restoration.  He will not leave us hopeless.  He is after our hearts, nothing more and nothing less.  Proverbs 4:23  I have seen and heard stories of people coming alongside others in flooding to the south and blizzards to the north in  ways that just don’t happen unless there is a crisis. God wants us to know that we need Him everyday and we were made for community.

Hail took all four pivots of our corn this year. It has been a pain in the neck getting roofs, pivots, tractors, windows, gutters, etc. fixed.  Working with the adjustors and insurance and contractors=more time on the phone-less time outside.  We have worked with met people who normally would not cross our path. It’s also allowed us to do some improvements  at the Petra place. SOO, with a big sigh I will make more phone calls tomorrow….yes this happened back in August.  The new shingles on all 3 houses look really nice and I love the new color on two of them.

So, whatever part of the country this finds you in, may you have hope in Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


June, really???

3 June 2013



Family in front of barn-web

Family in front of morton- web


Well…….it’s been a while since we have sat down long enough to stop here with you.  We made it through calving!! whoo hoo.  It was not an easy one but we were so grateful for the moisture.  I am not sure how grateful I was the day in the middle of April that was 9 degrees with 40 to 50 mile an hour winds with snow and sleet. Calves born outside died within minutes. Thankfully we didn’t have too many of those.

We have moved on to AI season and foaling and breeding mares and rodeos and jackpots and graduation and time to help new folks move to the ranch with us. Never bored and lots to be thankful for.

We are so excited about the horses, those we are riding and those that we just born.  We have a cool filly by A Streak of Fling that is pretty awesome. She is out of a Frenchman Guys daughter that I ran and just love.  Some palominos by Streaker as well.

During a busy calving season we took time to enjoy some special people that came to our house. Frank and Donna Lozano of Houston, TX. Frank is a great photographer and also has done award winning documentaries. Neat people that we were glad to host here at the ranch. Had to share some favorite family pictures. They also took awesome pictures of Logan and Erica. May share them later.

I pray that you are well  amidst all the storms in this country, whether that be weather related, family related or government related. I pray that Jesus is your anchor amidst the storm…….keep keeping on…..Tee Jay Henderson.

A Week full of Blessings!!

22 February 2013

Scenic view of calvin lot Well, it’s been a good week. I always enjoy the weeks where I get to stay home everyday to enjoy what we have been blessed with here and to catch up on some projects, one being the bookwork.  Mike tells me we need to hire a book keeper and I say that would be nice but it would take longer to tell them my system than to just do it myself!! That way if something is overlooked I can say,  “Oh, lets just fire her!”

Sooooooo many blessings to count this week……As you can see we received more snow which means more moisture and more grass. I have been reminding God that He is the one that causes the grass to grow on the hills.  We will be needing grass on those hills this spring to keep raising God’s critters.  I am thankful that we do not depend on the weather man or the Farmers Almanac to bring us moisture. God is faithful and He will finish what He has started here on this earth.

One of the huge highlights of the week was sitting down at lunch on Wednesday with my family and reading them the email from Stofie. Stofie is from South Africa and had contacted us about how Logan’s phone call had touched her heart. Over the last 5 years since the phone call, we have heard story after story of how God has reached down through that phone call and brought healing and hope to people’s hearts and lives. Stofie’s story is sad, her heart still aches but she has found reason to go on and God has given her hope. Thank you Stofie for sharing with us your story. She felt that she was writing us a newspaper article as it was lengthy but by the time I had finished reading we were all in tears at the table. Shaking our heads in humble thanks for another way that God touched our hearts through other people’s lives.Twins-March 22

If you look close in the picture, you can see cows in the lot. They are cows that are getting ready to calve. We have officially started calving season. Today at about 5:00 pm a set of twins were born! It was nice to have them born in the beginning of the season where we had time to enjoy them. As the season goes on it gets so busy, some days there may be up 70 to 90 calves a day born on the whole ranch.  These cute little twins were born to a first time Mom or a first-calf heifer as we call her, and she did not have any milk so the babies came inside the barn office to spend the night and stay warm.

Oh…I got to ride up the hill this evening riding Super Star, my Frenchmans Guy daughter, and leading Vashti, Freckles Gigolo daughter.  (My huband always makes sure that I am well mounted. :)) The picture of our place at the top of the hill was taken off my horse. I love to go there in the evening as the sun is going down. I love the light shining on the hills. It makes God’s glory seem even brighter and bigger from the top.  I am thankful for horses, hills, happenings on the ranch and happy times at the family table hearing of how huge God’s love is for everyone in this world…..yes that means you as an individual too. If you could ask Stofie she would tell you that’s true. Till next time…..Tee Jay Henderson



SD Heartland Futurity- A Fun Time

2 November 2012

Time with Friends, Family and Horses-Priceless

Erica, Raelene and I traveled to Huron, SD last weekend for the Heartland Barrel Futurity. We each took a futurity horse and we all came home with a check.  Erica and Raelene both did well in the 2D on their horses. Erica also did well in the Pole Bending Futurity which was a nice surprise for her and HLC French Cutie Pie as the mare hadn’t been through the poles but a hand full of times. It’s so fun to watch these horses succeed at the events they enjoy. We feel that comes from a great foundation, good health and opportunities for them to build their confidence and be the horses they were created to be. I took my Frenchmans Guy mare, Frenchies Super Star. She won money in both rounds  and an average award in the 4D. It was her first time entering so we were happy with that. It’s a challenge getting to jackpots where we live. Those Little Britches Rodeos always seem to make top of the priority list. We know it’s a small window of time and we love every minute of it.  Be blessed and enjoy where God has put you this season of your life……..Tee Jay

A SMOKIN 2.2 Seconds….On a Dry Box Horse

11 October 2012

Rodeo Video*Erica Henderson* Click Here        

September 29, 2012 was the second rodeo of the NLBRA  series held in Chadron,NE. It was Erica’s first rodeo as a Senior Girl.   A 2.7 was 7th place in Breakaway Roping and Erica won it with a 2.2 seconds. She has started roping on her brothers Calf Roping horse, Dudley, and  they are getting along well. Dudley has been a rock for Logan in the Tie Down. He is out of  Dry Box’s own CC Jet Smooth and a Freckles Playboy mare.  We raised Dudley, had sold him and bought him back. We are sure glad to have him. CC Jet Smooth is no longer with us but we are thankful to have  some mares still left in our program. Good Job Erica!! Keep on  Ropin Logan!!   Call for your own Dry Box Winner today.

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