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Henderson Ranch History

The late 1800’s brought homesteaders to God’s country, the Sandhills of Nebraska. Among those enduring homesteaders was the Henderson Family. Since 1881 the Hendersons having been living in the Sandhills where the sandy, rolling hills meet lush, sub-irrigated meadows. Over the years there have been Hereford cattle, to cross bred cattle to Angus cattle that have grazed the thousands of acres here at Henderson Land and Livestock. The ranch is currently operated by Carolynn Henderson, Mike and Tee Jay Henderson and Mike’s sister, Casey Henderson.

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Erica, Tee Jay, Mike and Logan


Larry with Smooth
Larry with Smooth

Since about 1966, horses have been raised on the hills and meadows of Henderson Land and Livestock. Initially the reason for raising them was for ranch use. The horizons for the horses would expand to cutting and reining when Larry Henderson, Mike’s dad, bought two stallions CC Jet Smooth and Freckles Gigolo. The later, would become the building blocks that have brought Dry Box Performance Horses to where it is today. In 1994, the Henderson’s started having horse sales at the ranch instead of private treaty. One can find Dry Box horses from Pennsylvania to California and from Canada to Texas.

Dry Box Horses have another side as well. Tee Jay’s parents Gene and Sandy Miller have trained and sold horses for 40 years. Agriculture education and now Equine on-line classes are where their passion and expertise lie. Much of what they teach has influenced the Dry Box program.

Mike and Tee Jay compete on and use the horses that are a product of the Dry Box program.  Logan and Erica also use and compete on Dry Box horses. Ranching is our life and God is good enough to let us enjoy raising cattle, horses and kids all at the same time. Makes life interesting, never boring and full of adventure.

The Henderson’s continue to add more aspects to this ranch and the horse program. Mike and Tee Jay’s focus is this: To raise horses and cattle that will excel in many environments that people can excel with and enjoy just like we have. As times change, so must the operation. They have also added more land and implemented some farming to stay diversified. Above all, Mike and Tee Jay’s desire is to keep God first and then our family. Everything else will then fall into place.

Henderson Land and Livestock Company and Dry Box Performance Horses

68067 Henderson Road, Whitman, NE 69366 (21 miles north of Hyannis, NE)

Henderson Ranch